Dear friends, the Ukrainian Kendo Federation is pleased to announce our annual event — XII International Kendo seminar and Holt Memorial Kendo Cup (22-24 July 2016) which will take place in Kharkiv and kindly hosted by Kharkiv Kendo Federation.

As per usual this will be a fantastic event, with taikai (5 person teams, men, ladies and children individual championship), a high quality seminar and grading up to 4th dan.

Invited sensei
GUENTLEUR sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi, France)
KUMPF sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Germany)
SEFOR sensei (7th Dan Renshi, South Africa)
BARANY sensei (7th Dan, Hungary)
AOKI sensei (7th Dan Germany)

The full list of the sensei will be later

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information ([email protected]).

Invitation ler is here

Registration form is here: