Meet a new concept of English Club in Ziferblat! "Time to Start Speaking English" is a meeting led by Victoria - a fabulous fan of English language whom you already know.

In our new club we're mixing various types of activities, and speaking is only a part of this complex. Games, work in groups and pairs, watching videos and creating theatrical performances - the whole world is in front of you!

And, finally, some words about Victoria herself:
"My name is Victoria and I've been teaching since 2009. A series of events brought me to my dream of becoming an artist and for that I gave up writing my Ph.D. thesis. Currently I am employed as a designer, but I still enjoy helping people to speak English".

See you at the next meeting and we promise you it will be great!
первый час - 35 грн.,
второй - 30 грн.,
третий -20 грн.,
четвертый - 20 грн.
Далее - бесплатно!

Справки по тел.: 096 075 01 56.