Suffer Yourself (Sweden/Ukraine)

Originally started in 2011 in Poland, Suffer Yourself survived several relocations and currently settled in Stockholm, Sweden.
Two full-length albums exist at the moment, published on American label Cimmerian Shade Recordings.
Style of band resides on darker side of death\doom - in the mood of bands like Evoken, Esoteric, Spectral Voice and Disembowelment.
Among achievements of the project is participation in one of the oldest and biggest European doom metal festivals - Dutch Doom Days, and as well sharing the stage with bands as Esoteric, Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice.
Debut album, "Inner Sanctum" was mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), who also contributed vocals and guitar solo to one of the tracks.
Second album, "Ectoplasm", is nominated for "Best extreme doom album of 2016" on It also got award "Album of the Month" on in February 2017.

RE:SPAWN (Kiev, Ukraine)

Ukranian Thrash/Death Metal band RE:SPAWN was formed in October 2015 in Kiev by three friends Alex, Grigoriy and Igor. They’ve had much experience in playing different music genre bands, so each of them had many ideas and material to play. Soon the band started recording first tracks. There were no strict genre boundaries, because each member had own vision of music. That was reflected in sound of the band, mixing different genres and styles, but main idea and influence was still remaining in Thrash/Death Metal sound. In summer 2016, 4th member, Nikita, has joined the band and brought more variety in band’s sound and style. Lyrics of the band mostly about social problems, human vices, extraordinary points of view and of course about drinking, hanging out and fun. In January 2018 guitarplayer Nikita Larionov leaves the band. RE:SPAWN works as trio and rock on. In September of 2018 Igor Korinovskiy leaves and in March of 2019 band got the new member Viktor Belan, so the story continues...

X.KERNEL (Kiev, Ukraine)
Modern metal[email protected]/

Melodic death metal band X.Kernel was formed in 2009 in Kyiv, Ukraine. As musical landmark Gothenburg metal scene bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork were chosen.